Do you or your partners need background checks? Give volunteers a fast pass to serve!

Earn the Verified Volunteers® Seal of Approval and Enjoy Peace of Mind!

Our Verified Volunteers® integration assured you know who’s working for you with ...

  • Accurate and fast background checks
  • Monthly monitoring and notice of changes 
  • Volunteer sign-up based on designated screening level  

Our background checks provide a fast pass for individuals to start volunteering!

  • We partner with Verified Volunteers®, a screening service, that … 
  • Allows volunteers to request a background check and link to their account.
  • Tracks the progress and results of the background check in Salesforce®.
  • Designates the minimum level of verification required to serve for any project.
  • Shares background checks with multiple organizations in a secure way.
  • Routinely monitors volunteers so verification remains accurate and up-to-date.

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