With a full cadre of training opportunities and customer support, we offer a number of ways to get the support and information you need to succeed with Salesforce, HandsOn Connect, Nonprofit Starter Pack and much more!


Organizations using HandsOn Connect have access to premier training and support services. Our help desk is built upon a 'best in class' web-based service which includes:

  • Product training in a searchable knowledge base with recorded video instruction
  • An online forum-based user community, making it easy to interact with and learn best practices from peers and our support team
  • A forum for submitting customer service feedback and requests
  • An online ticketing system for client-specific requests that creates personalized, threaded conversations between client and support staff to facilitate troubleshooting
  • The ability to share open technical requests and answers with other members of your organization
  • The ability to receive and respond to support updates via email.

Live product support by phone is also available by appointment.


After a pre-deployment consulting call, organizations adopting HandsOn Connect are offered a comprehensive training program. From online training sessions to open office hours/labs, your staff will receive a complete orientation to the program before your scheduled 'go-live' date. For more detailed information about our training/onboarding process, email your questions to [email protected].


HandsOn Connect is constantly evolving and developing to help better meet your needs:

  • Our users have a dedicated 'feature forum' where they can suggest and request changes, expansions, and enhancements to the system.
  • Users can 'vote' on how much they like a feature idea so most requested features can rise to the top.
  • Users can comment and discuss feature ideas, giving everyone a voice in how new functionality should be implemented and work within the product.

HandsOn Connect users can customize and enhance the application to meet their business needs.

  • Outside developers can add functionality to your Salesforce instance
  • Easy integration of Salesforce Apps to add functionality now:
    • Mass mailing / newsletter management
    • Integration with Outlook
    • Project Management
    • Donation Management
    • Fund Raising
    • Analytics
    • HR
    • Marketing

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