HOC Master Gardener Screen 1HandsOn Connect worked closely with higher ed institutions to develop volunteer management solutions for Master Gardener and Watershed Steward programs.  We are happy to announce that it is now available!

By combining HandsOn Connect’s pedigree in volunteer management technology, with best practices from the now-retired “The VMS” developed by the University of California, and the input and direction of two higher ed institutions, we developed a new option for Master Gardener, Watershed Steward, and Food Preserver programs.

The HandsOn Connect solution is a volunteer management and engagement system tailored to these programs.  It is designed to help schools, states, counties, agents, extensions, and volunteers manage, engage, organize, and report on their programs while allowing administrators to optimize their programs and customizing them to their needs.

  • Track your volunteer hours and continuing education hours
  • Multilevel control of program management and web pages, such as by county or extension.  Includes:
    • County-specific pages and branding
    • County-specific search, calendar, and opportunities
    • County-specific management of volunteers and opportunities
  • Volunteers and administrators have access to:
    • View their county’s calendar and ability to search for opportunities
    • Sign up to serve at opportunities or activities
    • Record volunteer and continuing education hours
    • Report other impact measurements, such as the number of contacts made with the public
    • View the roster of volunteers
    • Change and reschedule appointments
    • View and manage volunteer shifts
    • Manage volunteers to bring resources
    • View county and statewide information 
    • Access resources such as guides,  documents, presentations, newsletters
    • Share resources such as photos
    • Receive recommendations based on interests and historical data
    • Help manage reappointments
    • Messaging with volunteers

Master Gardner Screen 2