HandsOn for Corporations and Employees

In today’s world corporate websites and apps works best when it is part of people’s lives, integrated and ubiquitous, instead of building websites and apps that people need to drive out to, they need to exist where people are already working or hanging out.   

Any solution needs to be more integrated to the day-to-day activities of its users, more accessible, simple, and one that provides feedback to its use and operational data, for the client to manage and learn from the app itself.

HandsOn Connect is an enterprise level volunteer, employee and donor engagement and management solution.  It provides a fully customizable look and feel, to match your brand, as well as a full API to integrate with your existing technology.  It is the most flexible and customizable volunteer, employee and donor application on the market.

We support Single Sign-on (SSO), so your employees do not have to create accounts yet on another application.  We can integrate with your identity provider to make accessing HandsOn Connect a matter of a click.

We also make it easier for your employees to use HandsOn Connect by offering tailored-to-fit, easy integration with other apps, multilingual and international capabilities, teams, donation matching,  team and peer-to-peer donations, and much more

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