Empower your donor base with superhuman strength. With Click & Pledge, turn your volunteers into potential donors.

Click & Pledge's handy utility belt packs all the gadgets to give your donor base the edge. Click&Pledge® also integrates with HandsOn Connect and the Nonprofit Starter Pack to provide state-of-the-art fundraising tools for ...

  • Donations
  • Secure and integrated online payments.
  • Event Management from pre-sales to box office management.  
  • Peer-to-peer and community-wide fundraising campaigns. 

Click&Pledge®’s features: 

  • Accept donations, sell merchandise, and promote events all in one place.
  • Integrate your data with Salesforce® for real-time reporting on all your events and campaigns.
  • Support event management with box office, registration, and check-in solutions.
  • Process credit cards at your convenience with a virtual terminal, or the mobile credit card Swiper1.
  • Integrates with HandsOn Connect
  • Integrates with the Nonprofit Starter Pack for Donor Management.
  • Matching Gift Integration with Double the Donation

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